Stripping Richard Armitage of his human dignity: A day in the life

Published May 11, 2013 by dennib68

If you are a fan of Richard Armitage, this blog post at Me + Richard Armitage is a must read!


3 comments on “Stripping Richard Armitage of his human dignity: A day in the life

      • I answered you over on my blog but I’ll put an answer here as well (feel free to delete if not wanted here):

        Thanks for the kind words about the writing.

        re: labeling the pics I’m looking at — my constant search, over the course of Armitagemania, has been to figure out how to convert the fascination and the dopamine from looking at the work and the pics into something else. How do I get from these euphoric feelings to something that helps me concretely? So labeling the pics is one way that I do that. I don’t have to concentrate on the message so much if I just keep looking at the pics, and I do very much experience the effect that things that frighten or anger me get easier if the positive message about them is associated with the dopamine rush of seeing Armitage.

        The “fanfic porn” is a different matter, and how it works is something I need to write about more, but I also think it’s basically okay, or rather, I’ve learned to trust my use of it. And I use it a lot — particularly when I’m writing.

        If you’re ever in doubt you might read the comment about fandom as “quixotism.” That comment did a lot for me personally and I’ve been meaning to write more about it (well, bestlaid plans and time and so on).

        Hang in there w/grad school. It IS hard but it also eventually ends. Unlike grading … 🙂

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