Published May 11, 2013 by dennib68




Why does this picture affect me the way it does?  I can stare at it endlessly.  My heart flutters, my gut flips over, my breathing quickens….I won’t mention the other parts of my body that he affects.

This is a picture mind you, not the real man.  So why does it affect me so?

Hmmm, do I really need an answer to that question?  Naaa! I think I’ll just go with it and enjoy! 


5 comments on “Why…?

  • His eyes are always the first thing I notice. I love it when he dips his head a little and looks up from underneath his brows. There was that one scene in North & South where Margaret is serving tea at the Hale’s home, and Mr. Thornton looks up at her from under lowered brow and I just melt. After the eyes I look at the nose. I want to rub my nose against his in an eskimo kiss (weird, I know). Then I want to bury my face in his neck and smell his scent. Any boyfriend I’ve ever had that lasted for longer than 6 months always had a scent that drove me wild and calmed me at the same time. If there was a scratch and sniff RA, my life would be complete….well, providing I like what I smell!

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