Super Woman and her Super Hero Cape

Published July 3, 2013 by dennib68

Ms. Gigglepants made a comment  on her blog about how we could all use a super hero cape to help us deal with some of the things happening in our lives.  That resonated with me and I felt compelled to use my horrid fabulous kindergarten second grade scribbling drawing skills to draw a Super Woman with a Super Hero Cape as a way of thinking positive thoughts and sending them out to the universe for the lovely Ms. Gigglepants and for me as well.  I didn’t really plan on posting this or sharing it since it really is dreadful the best I could do, but then I read several other blog posts by other women who I admire a lot and felt they could use some Super powers and positive vibes sent their way (The Gifted ServetusPet Defender and Always Entertaining Fedoralady).

Girl Power

So please disregard the obvious lack of talent, and accept my Super Woman dedication in the spirit of how it was meant. I dedicate her to all of you who inspire me, motivate me, and leave me in awe.  At the very least I hope it gives you a bit of a laugh!



6 comments on “Super Woman and her Super Hero Cape

  • Thank you. I accept. I would never laugh. It looks like when I’m not flying in it I will be able to cuddle up on the sofa with it. Perfect!

    • Glad you like it! It makes me giggle when I look at it, but then I remember that laughter is supposed to be the best medicine, so I figure the vibrations from my giggling are positive and should be felt by the people who I intended this for!

      And I am sending prayers to you as well. And hugs too…

  • This is AWESOME!!! I’m impressed by your fabulous drawing skills, and I will note the biggest reason (out of many reasons) why: your Superwoman, besides having a cape & hair, looking happy, and also (most important!) looking like a human being — your Superwoman has FINGERS. On both hands. Of which she has an easily discernible right *and* left.

    You have no idea how far superior your drawing skills are to mine. If I had tried to draw this, she would have some sort of boxing-glove-like apparatus at the end of each arm, or maybe something vaguely Entlike, kind of branchy. It would have been something that said, “yes, she probably has hands; but you’re going to have to create that bit yourselves.” And we just won’t talk about her feet, which I’m also incapable of drawing. Or her nose, which — OK I WOULD BASICALLY HAVE DRAWN A SNOW PERSON IN A CAPE lolololololololololol.

    Your Superwoman is, as I said, awesome. She leaves me in awe of you and your drawing skills, and your lovely heart. Thank you so much for bringing a smile to my morning. (((hugs))) and also some more xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

    • If I brought a smile to your morning then I have done my job! Yay!

      You don’t know how hard I’m laughing right now about the hands and feet!! Those took me hours to draw and they are still so sad, although I appreciate your nice comments about them! I searched and searched for tutorials about how to draw hands and feet and tried several different ones with each attempt looking equally pathetic, and almost decided to go with the boxing gloves look until I realized if I changed the angle of the hands I could at least get something that passed as hands! I did the same thing with the feet. I originally tried to have Superwoman leaping through the air, but alas, no.

      Anyway, glad I made you smile and **hugs** back!

  • Well done! I can use one of those too! It’s funny because I wanted to write a similar post of support to my fellow bloggers and I am so glad you did it. Fantastic! Hugs to all!

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