Truer words…

Published May 11, 2013 by dennib68

Truer words...


Stripping Richard Armitage of his human dignity: A day in the life

Published May 11, 2013 by dennib68

If you are a fan of Richard Armitage, this blog post at Me + Richard Armitage is a must read!

Me + Richard Armitage

This was my Tuesday. I picked this day to report on because I had no time to blog originally that day. Thus, it traces only the severe private harm I am doing to Richard Armitage by thinking about him, not the public harm I do to him by writing about him.

I’m pretty sure the public harm I do to Richard Armitage by writing about him every day is obvious to everyone already anyway. But if not, I’m turning the private harm into public harm by documenting this day.

Some of those claims were made ironically. Which ones?

So yeah. You’re not going to be convinced by this if you already think what I do is wrong. You could read it anyway, if you feel a sincere desire to understand what we dignity strippers think we might be doing as we go along blithely harming our hero.

But mainly, this…

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Mothers Day!

Published May 9, 2013 by dennib68

I haven’t let state testing bug me this week. In fact, we are having fun in the afternoons with Mothers Day projects! Fun, fun!




My students’ faux stained glass vases! So pretty and all so different, just like my kids 😊


Dyed coffee filters drying and waiting to become a bouquet of flowers! ❤
The kids and I are having fun…..well, the kids probably more than me right now, but when the presents are done and on the way out the door to well deserving moms, the messiness will be forgotten and I’ll be wondering how we can make them even better next year!

Teaching: The Best Job Ever

Published May 5, 2013 by dennib68

I am blessed to be a teacher.  Every year I have 20 to 24 seven to eight year olds.  They all have different personalities, different abilities, different home lives, different cultures and I love them all.  Some students are more challenging than others but I never get tired of trying to figure out what makes my students get motivated to learn or excited about new things. The most important thing to me as a teacher is to form a bond with my students so I can make them feel safe to take risks and challenge themselves.  The least important thing to me is whether my students do well on the once a year, mandatory state testing.  It does nothing to show the journey my students have taken during the school year: their successes, their accomplishments, their challenges followed by their courage to keep trying. Really, I don’t care about state tests…..Hmmm….then why am I so distressed about the state testing that begins in my classroom on Tuesday?